Utility Security Vulnerabilities and Threat Assessements

America’s Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) became law in 2018.  This requires that water systems servicing more than 3,300 people to assess the risks to the systems.  The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gives users an light assessment tool, the External link opens in new tab or windowVulnerability Self-Assessment Tool (VSAT), which is a good starter resource to provide water system risk assessment (natural hazards and malevolent acts) . In addition to the VSAT, WaterWise Enterprises offers public utilities (water, wastewater, electric, and natural gas), a thorough threat and vulnerability assessments to identify security risks posed to the public systems.  The assessment will look at current trends nationally, throughout the state, and focus on the local area using current information provided by city offices, law enforcement, and public utility employees.  Additionally,  along with trend information, the assessment will focus on physical, operational, and information securities. An executive summary and confidential detailed document will be produced.  WaterWise will aide with the development / production of the  Emergency Response Plan (ERP), Business Continuity Plan (BCP), and any policies needed to better serve the city and municipality. 

WaterWise provides security training for all employees.  The training will include information, privacy, computer, and insider threats per the organizational policy (if currently in place).   If current training programs are in place, WaterWise will work with training manager(s) to increase awareness within the current training program.

Benefits to Cities / Municipalities